Social Justice Fantasy

Here is a list of all the social justice (SJ) warriors types. You can be who you want!
It’s also possible to have hybride types and develop new abilities and types over time !!

NES style

Types of social justicer:
SJ Warrior: A sturdy fighter, always in front, seldom leading the battles to make.
SJ Mage/Scholar/Witch: Buffs allies with knowledge, can help healing.
SJ Ranger: Can do critical hit, have a good knowledge.
SJ Cook: Heals and restores allies from damage and toxic attacks.
SJ Guardian: Allow allies to concentrate on the fight (speed bonus), huge defense but rarely attack.
SJ Paladin: Fighter strongly dedicated to one cause, only cause and resist one type of elemental hit.
SJ Engineer: Have unique knowledge and experience that complete and buffs your team.
SJ Cyborg: Can adapt to new combat forms, recognize and resist toxic attack.
SJ Bard: Confuses the enemy, small buffs to allies, ineffective concrete hits.

Summoned SJ:
SJ Ghost: [Summoned by Mage, Paladin, Bard] Add knowledge and spirit to the team.
SJ Ally/Pet: [Summoned by Warrior, Guardian, Paladin] Add a bonus to the team (heal, strenght, moral).

« Problematic » SJ:
SJ Warlock: Does huge damage to allies and enemy with any knowledge at his disposal.
SJ Thief/Rogue/Berserker: Relentless fighter, drain targets and allies.

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